Coat 4 Kids-13th Year!

December is one of my favorite seasons of the year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and people’s hearts seem to be a little more giving. I was so blessed last December as this ministry gave out about 290 coats. It warmed our hearts seeing all the young children enter into the fellowship hall, knowing that they would leave with a coat. I have never been cold or without food, but many in our community live this way. One lady in particular comes to mind. I can still see her there holding back the tears, with no jacket on, saying “Why would someone want to help me!” I explained “Jesus.” She shared how hard it had been financially and how she wasn’t looking forward to Christmas because she didn’t have money for gifts. And that the coats her children were receiving would probably be their gift that year. She was overwhelmed with gratitude. You see it’s not about the coat but the message of the Gospel. To reach the lost, sometimes we need to take care of the physical needs first, so the heart will respond.

I’m so thankful for the LBA Churches for giving to this ministry and grateful for the opportunity to share the love of Christ through a coat.  Please be in prayer that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be received as we minister to those for our upcoming sale day on December 2rd, 2017. This will be our 13th year for this wonderful ministry.

Serving beside you in Christ.

Mrs. Aleta Robertson-Coat 4 Kids Coordinator