English as a Second Language

Hello everyone! A new ESL year is about to begin, and we are very excited. In May, we finished off the school year with an End of the Year party with homecooked meals, door prizes, and a great time together. One of our students sang, and one of our volunteer teachers played her dulcimer for us. Over the summer, I have had the privilege of communicating with some of our students and seeing them around town. In July, we had a small group meet for ice cream and cold drinks.

My husband and I have spent time driving around Lynchburg and getting the word out about ESL. We are praying that the Lord would bring the students to the classes that need to come. There are so many international people in Lynchburg! This ESL ministry is such an incredible opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to the “nations” as represented here in our own community.

As the new year approaches, our ESL team is excited and amazed at the responsibility of teaching English to these wonderful people. We have a staff meeting on September 5th and classes start on September 12th. We are hoping to again have a few out of class activities throughout the year where we can continue getting to know the students better.

One of the goals for this year is to have all the classes and childcare on the main level at Chestnut Hill Baptist Church, 5225 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Va. Some of our teachers and students have trouble climbing stairs, and this was making it difficult for everyone to be together. This year we have moved classes from Thursday to Tuesday mornings, 9:30 am to 11:00 am, so that all of our classes can feel more unified. This will also make the classrooms easier for new students to find.

This English as a Second Language ministry would not be complete without everyone who has and continues to give their time and resources. Please share about ESL! Feel free to give my email Bateman.Amber.Rose@gmail.com to anyone who may be interested in learning English or volunteering to teach. May the Lord bless you.


In Christ,

Amber Bateman