Klothes 4 Kids Ministry Celebrates 25 years

This year, the Klothes 4 Kids ministry celebrates its 25th year. Over the years, the Lord has blessed this ministry, helping 8,657 low income children receiving new clothes, school supplies & a backpack for the beginning of the school year. This year’s sale will be held August 3-5 at West Lynchburg Baptist Church.

In Virginia, 10.5% of its residents live below the poverty level, but in the Lynchburg area, the rate is a whopping 21.4%.

Obviously, there are more children growing up poor. Children who live in poverty are likely to suffer from poor nutrition during infancy, experience emotional distress and have an increased risk for academic failure. As an association, the Klothes 4 Kids project helps many of these children start off the school year on the right foot by providing them with new clothes and school supplies. Hopefully the self confidence gained by having new outfits on the first day of school will translate into increased academic performance.

Klothes 4 Kids has a relationship with the Lynchburg City, Bedford, Campbell and Amherst County Schools. Families needing help are identified by teachers and school counselors or by social services. This working relationship has lasted for the 24 years of the program’s existence and helps insure that those most in need receive help.

The Lynchburg Baptist Association, along with its member churches and women’s mission groups, supply the new clothing and backpacks for the sale each August. The LBA is grateful for each church and group that contributes so generously each year.

Every year, seventy-five to one hundred volunteers are needed to make this project a success. Many of our volunteers work multiple times and return year after year as they find the work so rewarding. If you have never volunteered, maybe this should be your year. Contact the LBA office to find out what you can do to help.

By the way, a volunteer coordinator is desperately needed this year. This person would help solicit volunteers to work the sale and to man the phones. This is a job that can be done from your home. If you can help with this, contact the LBA office 434-316-8382 or lbalynchburg@gmail.com

Elizabeth Harris, Coordinator