Lynchburg College-And so, it begins.

And so, it begins. Our final year as Lynchburg College. A year in which we celebrate our history and a year in which we position ourselves to be ready to become University of Lynchburg. As Christ-followers, we understand what it means to remember the past, be engaged in the present and hope for the future. Today, the first day of the 2017-18 academic year at Lynchburg College, I find myself reflecting on Lynchburg Christian Fellowship and ministry on this campus.


The ministry in its current paradigm began when the LBA, BGAV and Lynchburg College invited me to campus in September 2012. I was hired to minister to the remaining students of the closed LCF Church (a campus church plant started by Phillip Watkins) and re-launch Lynchburg Christian Fellowship as a ministry like other BGAV Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM). In August of 2013 InFaith Community, an on campus student led worship community, began.


Change has been the prominent verb on this journey. What began as a bible study group of five blossomed into an average of 20 students per semester for LCF. InFaith Community averaged 15-20 each week last semester. A woman’s spiritual life group, Bring Your Own Bible (BYOB), formed last year reaching almost 30 young women. Interestingly enough the students in the groups do not overlap… which means Lynchburg Christian Fellowship reaches almost 70 students on a weekly basis. That does not include special events (the concert in May had almost 200 students, faculty, staff and community members in attendance).


This week I met with the leadership teams of all three groups, two groups formally and one informally. In addition to new mission statements and branding tweaks, each group has dreams for their group… and for Lynchburg College. How holy it is to enable and empower students to share their faith with their peers.


It is going to be an outstanding year at Lynchburg. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Remembering the past, engaging the present and hoping for the future,

Rev. Katrina Stipe Brooks, campus pastor

Lynchburg College