March Madness at Lynchburg College

At my house, March Madness has begun.

Research, which necessitated hours of television watching: check.

Brackets filled out: check.

Brackets sent to the appropriate networks: check.

Let the games begin.


At Lynchburg College, the journey to a name change has begun.

Research, which necessitated hours of data collection and strategic planning: check.

Alumni/donors consulted check.

Trustees decide to explore options: check.

Hours of “on the road time” by the Advancement office: check.

Multiple meetings with faculty, staff and students: check.

Suitable name: check.

Trustee vote: check.

Press release hits the news: check.

Lynchburg College becomes University of Lynchburg the 2018-19 academic year: check.

Let the madness begin.


In addition to a name change there have been other infrastructure decisions made at LC. The first was the establishment of an Office of Equity and Inclusion

In addition to the creation of this office, the college hired two student diversity liaisons

In addition to this, the spiritual life center is launching several initiative/ministries with the office of equity and inclusion and the athletics department.


Translation: the only thing constant at Lynchburg College is change as we adapt to meet the demands of cultural changes. It is an exciting time to be a part of the Hornet Family.


Students are on break this week and will return to finish the semester on Monday. Two of our students visited Baptist seminaries this week. I received notes from the directors of admission thanking us for referring them. The LBA is doing good work on our campus and the plan is to remain faithful to our quest: being a light of hope and transformation on the Lynchburg College (University of Lynchburg) campus… especially in times of madness.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.