Red Truck Ministry

The Red Truck Ministry is a ministry of Jesus Christ that seeks to provide healthy food for those in need and provide the spiritual food of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry will focus on areas that are identified as food deserts: high poverty; lack of transportation; lack of access to healthy foods. There are 8 areas in Lynchburg City, 2 in Amherst County, and 1 in Bedford County, that are designated as food deserts. Of the 34 food pantries in Lynchburg, only 4 operate with in one of the 8 food deserts. We hope to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, when in season. Canned fruits, vegetables, local grass fed beef, canned tuna, baby food, peanut butter and other assorted canned goods.

May the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified and much spiritual fruit will be produced through this ministry.