Thank you for your Investment to the Lynchburg Christian Fellowship

Spring 2017

It is difficult to believe but in a few short weeks, the academic year will be over. Graduation is scheduled for May 20th. It has been a good year. It has been a trying year. It has been a year of change and transition and dreaming and asking better questions and… you get the point. Welcome to student ministry at the collegiate level.


One of the benefits of being in a doctor of ministry program is the ability to connect with ministers from across the southeast. Repeatedly, when my ministry context becomes the topic of conversation these colleagues share stories of collegiate ministry in their areas. Often the script runs something like, “Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) functions like a youth group. The organizational structure, the studies they have and the ministries they provide are an extension of youth ministry.” That is NOT student ministry at Lynchburg College.


Lynchburg Christian Fellowship provides community, fellowship, challenging bible study, connection, leadership training, worship and transforming questions (through coaching) to approximately forty-five students on campus. LC has alumni in a host of professions and locations, including members in LBA churches. Forty-five students challenged to live lives of authentic discipleship translates to mean the LBA regularly affects the world through the ministry at LC. As midterms, wreaked havoc across campus last week stressed out students painted during LCF. Later a service of praise and worship provided sanctuary for students.


An indirect component of the ministry is my presence on campus. I sit on several committees and planning teams. In addition, I provide leadership to spiritual life groups outside LCF and InFaith Community. A new group received specialty-housing status last month after completing steps necessary to achieve student activity status (meaning registered the organization, submitted a constitution and by-laws document and applied for membership). Last week I began working with students to birth two new spiritual life groups, one for studies sensing a call into ministry and one centered in apologetics.


Lynchburg Christian Fellowship is not an extension of youth ministry.


Thank you for your continued support of the LBA work on the Lynchburg College campus. Both the direct, and indirect, way you impact student lives matters. Thank you for your investment. -Rev. Katrina Brooks